CARMA (Cycling Awareness Raising and MArketing) is initiated by 6 European cities who wish to take communication of cycling and traditional mobility management to the next level and go from mass communication to refined and more adapted communication tools. The participating cities are Budapest, Göteborg, Eindhoven, Kensington & Chelsea, Parma and Riga.

CARMA is a target group oriented cycling communication project, which focuses on better cooperation with the selected target groups and on the integration between communication and infrastructure initiatives on cycling. The aim of CARMA is to develop new methods for cost-efficient marketing of cycling which leads to increased cycling. This will be of particular importance for new member states where cycling infrastructure today is not developed to a sufficient extent and many of the resources will naturally be focused on building infrastructure. The CARMA project output and training material will help European cities to find ways to target groups that are willing to change behavior and focus the resources.